Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Magee for President


  1. Beware of corporate censorship. Elect Magee for Freedom of Speech.

  2. If you became an Americans Elect delegate or candidate, If you are or were an officer, board member, advisory board member or volunteer we are asking you to join us at the Facebook group, Americans of American elect. We are a Facebook group that doesn’t want to see Americans Elect just stop after all the hard work that went into developing a party neutral process for ballot access whereby great candidates can have equal access. A ballot slot that isn’t controlled by special interest, super pac’s funny money, party bosses politics or other corporate Titians that now control the MSM.

    Americans for Americans Elect is not about who you or any of us supports for President. This is a unity action based on the rule 12.2 of the Americans Elect bylaws and rules. The appropriate filing have been done and now we need to let the board know that we the delegates, candidates, officers, staff, board members, advisory board members and volunteers are supportive of the request of reversal and that we would like to know when the notice will be appearing on the American Elect website so each delegate may vote on the reversal . We need your help in letting the board and it members know that we delegates find these goals and ideals are too important to just stop when victory of a real neutrality ballot was within our reach. This is not about electing the next President but rather finishing a process that once again would give an equal say to we the people.


    I am a Veteran with 10 years of Prior Federal Service. I have worked for the Department of Defense and Department of the Treasury.

    On April 5th, 2011, I filed my Statement of Candidacy with the Federal Election Commision as the 1st Republican Presidential Candidate from the State of Florida.

    In Florida's recent Presidential Primary, my name and the names of all Republican Challengers were deleted from the Official List of Presidential Candidates, while the names of Candidates who had publicly withdrawn from the race ( Michelle Bachmann & Herman Cain ) remained on that List.

    I was a Declared Candidate in the Online Primary sponsored by Americans Elect, which was recently suspended.

    On April 4th, 2012, exactly one year after I filed my Statement of Candidacy with the FEC, William T. Harney -- who was on the ballot as a Presidential Candidate in the Florida Primary -- became my Vice-Presidential Running Mate.

    You and the Board need to know that the website of Americans Elect was grossly compromised!

    Here's what Bill had to say on the subject of Electoral Fraud and the Primary sponsored by Americans Elect:

    William wrote: "What Erin forgot to tell you is that, while I was running for the Presidency, 400,000 names and voter registration numbers just disappeared from my registration as a candidate. No one in the state of Florida knows anything about them. Then, they had the nerve to tell me to my face that there were no names or numbers; to my face!

    My mail comes 4 to 5 hrs. after my mailman passes my home. I was shot at while in my car coming home. The Sheriffs Dept. took 20 minutes to get to me and the person on the phone said, they are circling the area, in case some one is leaving the area in a hurry....

    Then, in February, I was dropped from the race and was graciously asked by Erin to be his Running Mate.

    Oh, by the way, the online vote was tampered with. Many people I know tried and failed to sign in, or couldn't vote; the program wouldn't let them in. As for those who did vote, the number of votes were never placed on the counter. I received 1585 letters stating they tried and met with dead ends, while trying to vote. My daughter, who is an attorney for the FOX NET, had them investigate voter fraud. It aired last night. (5-20-2012) I hope some of you saw it...Should you be afraid?"...YES!""

    Note: To get his name on the ballot in Florida's Primary, Bill had to obtain a minumum of 116,000 signed petitions. He actually obtained over 400,000 -- which "just disappeared".

    All told, we would have had well over 1,600 votes in the Online Primary, just in the 3 weeks or so that I was registered on the site.

    Just prior to the suspension, the links to my page on Americans Elect were being deleted, as were Bill's email messages. All phone calls between Bill and I were being cut off. We could talk from 30 seconds to a minute before the call was dropped. Thus, I suspect the Sponsors were paid off.

    Incidentally, one thing Bill didn't mention in his message (above) is that his son, and his son's girlfriend, were shot at with a pellet gun while posting a Magee-Harney Campaign sign.

    Bill and I are as determined as ever to defeat those who would lead our country even further down the wrong path. All readers are cordially invited to join our discussion and help us take America back!